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Join Request - Giant Skyhawk - Denied, Krusty :(

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Join Request - Giant Skyhawk - Denied, Krusty :(

Post by Giant Skyhawk on Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:56 am

Hey! Here's my join request form.

Dueling Network Name: Giant Skyhawk

Favorite Deck: My Gamble/Gamble. It's horrendously unpredictable and it's so much fun.

Competitive Decks:


That's it. I've tried a lot of the meta decks and they aren't horribly fun, but i might try to build Battlin' Boxers soon.

Reasons I want to join: Happy seemed very nice when he was at Fairy Tail, and I really want a guild that I can get into. I've never REALLY been a part of a guild, because Fairy Tail seemed a little inactive. This looks like a fun place that I would enjoy being around.


-I'm easy to get along with
-I play lots
-I am a very good bluffer (Making my opponent think I have something up my sleeve when I have nothing)

-I don't run very many decks, as I'm a little new to the game
-My knowledge on rulings is quite lacklustre
-My amount of activity really varies. Sometimes I'd be here a lot, other times I could be gone.

Can you side appropriately?

I don't know. I think I do an ok job, but my side decks can be a little wonky. For example, in my Dino/Rabbit, normally I don't run any Scrap-Iron Scarecrows, but sometimes if my opponent is really attack heavy, I'll put in 3. Depends.

Previous Experiences:

-I was part of Fairy Tail for a little bit
-My rating in matches on DN last format was at around 1200

Will you be loyal?

Yes. the only reason I left Fairy Tail was because it was getting to be really inactive. I really think this will be awesome, and you have all of my loyalty and fishies.

Are you a capable duelist?
I believe so. I may be newer, but I can pack a punch to unsuspecting foes.

Can you perform well in wars?
Never been in a war. I have no idea at all.

Other Specialties
Basketball? I'm not computer savvy, but ask me to do something and I'll do the best I can.

Can you work well under pressure?
I actually do very well under pressure. I don't know what I'd be doing that would have pressure, but I can handle that stuff.

I totally understand if I'm not experienced enough to join the group.

Thanks for considering!

-Giant Skyhawk

Giant Skyhawk

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Re: Join Request - Giant Skyhawk - Denied, Krusty :(

Post by Krusty on Sun Jan 19, 2014 2:20 pm

We have acknowledged your request to join Attack on Horizon, but at the current moment we believe that you are not good enough to survive the titan apocalypse, or the goblin invasion. However, you will be able to apply again in three weeks when you think you have improved.
Topic Locked.

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