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Recruit A Friend

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Recruit A Friend

Post by Happy The Cat on Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:16 am

Once you have successfully joined the Attack on Horizon Team [Join Date Found on Forum], you will be given three days to recruit another individual to the Team. Normally referring an individual to the Team would only give you one single Military Credit, and two more extra Credits if they successfully complete the test and become an official Member of the Team. However, if you recruit someone within these three days, the Military Credits that you would normally earn will be doubled.

Normal Military Credit Awarded : Doubled Military Credit Awarded

  • Referring Someone - 1 Military Credit : 2 Military Credits
  • Candidate Successfully Joins Team - 2 Military Credits : 4 Military Credits
  • Total - 3 Military Credits : 6 Military Credits

Referring someone to the Team means them completing the Join Request Form [Link Provided Below] successfully and you posting their Dueling Network Name [ONLY DN NAME IS REQUIRED, NO DOUBLE POSTING IS ALLOWED] below this post. A recruiter will then post below your post informing you that you have received your Military

After the three days have passed, you can still post below here if you have recruited a friend and you will be awarded the normal amount of Military Credits.

Join Request Form :
Happy The Cat
Happy The Cat

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