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Card Creation Tournament

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Card Creation Tournament

Post by Darton on Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:12 am

This was an idea I had a while back, and I wanted to post it before I forgot. I had an idea for a card creation tournament, in which participants will create a card to send in to Happy and Krusty. Cards must not be too overpowered, and must have reasonable effects that can actually be used for the game. Say there is a favorite archetype, a participant could create more support for that archetype. Or they could create a card for an anime, movie, tv show, character, etc. and attempt to create a joke on that. This tournament is relatively open to suggestions, and could potentially go anywhere based on what ideas people have. The idea is to promote creativity among participants. Happy and Krusty will either decide on a winner themselves or take votes. The participant with the best card wins, but note that the "best" card may not always be the most broken.

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