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supermayank5 Test Results

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supermayank5 Test Results

Post by Spirit Aries on Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:56 am

Tester: [AoH] Aries
Test Deck: #4
Applicant: [AoH] Draco
Applicant's Deck: Evilswarm
Observer: Shiro
Main Deck - 12/15
Side Deck - 5/5
Consistency - 6/10
Creativity - 5/10
Plays - 4/10
Rulings - 10/10
W/L - 0/20
Number of Cards: 10/10
Final Score - 52/90
Verdict - Can choose to be a student.
Aries- Needs to think more about his plays and not over extend to the point where you cant do anything after the second turn.
Shiro- Uses his material far too quickly and makes strange choices in both deck creation and plays.
Assigned Dorm - NA


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