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jadencristal's Join Request - Accepted, Happy.

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jadencristal's Join Request - Accepted, Happy.

Post by Happy The Cat on Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:00 am

Dueling Network Name : jadencristal

Forum Name : Jadencristal

Referee : [AOH] Totoro, you have gained +1 Military Credit - If they successfully pass the test and join the Team, you shall gain a further 2 Military Credits.

They have completed the Join Application Form to a good enough standard and I believe that they are ready to get an Initial Test from a Tester. If any Testers are available and are willing to test this person, post below here.

Testing Someone : +1 Military Credit

***Only 1 Military Credit Has Been Awarded So Far For Recruiting***
Happy The Cat

Military Credits : 32

Value : 85,000 Gold

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