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ProdigyBoii's Join Request - Passed, Happy.

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ProdigyBoii's Join Request - Passed, Happy.

Post by ProdigyBoii on Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:32 am

Dueling Network Name:
- ProdigyBoii

Favourite Deck:
-Harpie's <3

Competitive Decks:
-Six Samurai
-Noble Knights

Reason(s) you want to join:
-I Wanted To Join Fairy Tail Initially, I Was Talking To A Ex Member And They Said That They Quit Because There Are Too Many Members And Also That These Members Don't Follow The Rules. Also, The Fact That The Real Leader Didn't Contribute As Much As The So Called "Co-Leader" Really Annoyed Me, So With This Information I Decided To Follow Happy To His New Clan And See What I Can Do To Help.

-Playing Duels
-Helping Others
-Contributing To A Community.

-Kryptonite Very Happy
-The Sun
-Bruce Lee

Can you side appropriately:
-Yes, If I Know The Deck The Opponent Is Using And I Am Confident 90% Of The Time Will
Give Myself The Upper Hand By Siding.

Previous Experience(s):
- I Have Not Been In Any Clans, As None Of Them Have Been Right For Me But, I Have Been In Contact With Many Clans Such As Uchiha Admins And Also Fairy Tail.

Will you be loyal?
-Yes, But Like Everyone Else If The Clan Leaders Have Been Proven Of Breaking The Rules Of The Clans And Also If The Leader/Players Turn Corrupt I Will Talk To Happy And See If The Issues Can Be Resolved, If Not Then I Will Leave The Clan. If I Do Then I Will Ask Permission From Happy To Ask If I Can Join Another Clan.

Are you a capable duelist?
-I Do Have My Fair Share Of Weaknesses Like Everyone, When I Started Dragon Rulers Were My Kryptonite Smile

Can you perform well in wars?
-Most Of The Time.

What other specialities do you have? - I.e. - Can you work well on a forum, test etc.
-I Can Test And Evaluate Other Players
-I Can Follow Rules
-I Can Get Along With People Easily
-I Am Very Sociable

Skype Name (Optional):
-Dilveer Dhillon (There are 3 atm i will put up a picture soon don't worry) Smile

Can you work well under pressure?
-Depends On What Kind Of Pressure, But Most Of The Time I Can Work Out Tactics/Plans On The Spot.

Are you good with rulings?
-Yes, I Am Familiar With Most Types Of Rules And I Will Always Help People That Are Unfamiliar.

Have you read the Attack on Horizon Rules and the Ranking System?

Do you agree with the rules of the team? If not, then why do you not agree?
-I Agree

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Re: ProdigyBoii's Join Request - Passed, Happy.

Post by Happy The Cat on Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:50 am

Your request to join Attack on Horizon has been acknowledged and we believe that you will be a great asset to the team. Congratulations, you have passed onto the testing stage of the joining process.

Please wait patiently on a tester messaging you on Dueling Network for your test.

Topic locked.
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