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Test Rubric

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Test Rubric

Post by Happy The Cat on Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:07 am

Testing Rubric:

Main Deck - 15

Side Deck - 5

Consistency - 10

Creativity - 10

Plays - 10

Rulings - 10

W/L - 20

Number of Cards: 10

Final Score - /90

Passing Score : 60/90

Assigning a Teacher : 45-59/90

Assigned Dorm -

Banned Decks:
Alternative Win Decks
Final Countdown
Chain Burn/ Burn
Stall Intentional Decks (decks that are made to intentionally stall).
Necroface spam.
Deck Out based decks.
Infinite Loop based decks.

Banned Cards:
Chain Material

Tester Rules :

1 : You cannot side against your opponent.
2 : You must receive a screenshot from the applicant before the duel and during the siding screens of the duel.
3 : You cannot make any modifications or make any new decks on the Testing account without notifying or telling Happy/Krusty beforehand.
4 : You cannot test a player that hasn't passed or submitted a Join Application Form. Recruiters will post on the Forum which players have passed the Join Application Section and need tested.

Subject To Change
Happy The Cat
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