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Rare's join request - Passed, Happy.

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Rare's join request - Passed, Happy.

Post by Rareforce on Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:29 am

Dueling Network Name:
Will be [AoH] Rare, will be using (Fairy tail) Rare for the test if i get thru.

Wins on Dueling Network:

Losses on Dueling Network:

Favourite deck:
Heraldic beasts or Dark worlds

Competetive decks:
Dark worlds

Dragon Sworn


Chain beat

Reason(s) you want to join:
Talked to happy about it, since ft is falling apart i decided to join e.e

Um, i guess i can play dark worlds and heraldics pretty well
I do well in locked wars (no deck swapping)
Deck building

Unlocked wars
Creativity with deck building

Can i side appropriatley:
Yes, when i can be bothered to be build a side >.> (i dont do matches often)

Previous experenices:

Will you be loyal:

Are you a capable duelist:
I guess.

Can you perfom well in wars:
Locked yes, unlocked, meeeeh, i guess kinda.

What other specialities do you have?
Um, working on a forum i guess, i can do glows and stuff
Err, photoshop (not gfx, hard to explain)

Skype name:
Ask happy

Can you work well under pressure:
If anything, i work better, (Atleast faster >.>)

Are you good with rulings:
Most basic ones

Can you gfx design:
I could try, working with photoshop alot in school, but idk

Have you read the Attack on Horizon Rules and the Ranking System?

Do you agree with the rules of the team? If not, then why do you not agree?
I agree.


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Re: Rare's join request - Passed, Happy.

Post by Happy The Cat on Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:27 am

We have acknowledged your application form and believe that you will be a great asset to the team. To help with our decision we are going to allow you onto the testing stages of the recruitment process.

Please wait patiently on a tester messaging you on the forum and/or on Dueling Network.


Topic Locked.
Happy The Cat

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