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(Fairy Tail) Samurai5's test results

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(Fairy Tail) Samurai5's test results

Post by [AoH] Flame on Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:10 am

Tester: [AoH] Flame
Test Deck: 1

Applicant: (Fairy Tail)samurai5
Applicant's Deck: Cyber Dragons

Observer: Happy

Main Deck - 10/15

Side Deck - 2/5

Consistency - 5/10

Creativity - 7/10

Plays - 6/10

Rulings - 9/10

W/L - 0/20

Number of Cards: 10/10

Final Score - 49/90

Verdict - You did not pass the test, but I believe that you have potential and I think that you can become a great duelist. I am going to allow you to be assigned a teacher. If you wish to take up this offer, it will allow you to take the test again at a later date when the teacher thinks you are ready.

Please make a post here:

Assigned Dorm - Did not pass.

Topic Locked.

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