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Join Requests - Colour Key

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Join Requests - Colour Key

Post by Happy The Cat on Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:43 am

Below is the colour key for the join request section:

Cyan = They have passed the application form and now need a test.

Red = They have failed the application form and therefore, do not need a test.

Yellow = They took the test, but did not pass and the tester thinks that they have potential, so they assign them a teacher. Testers must refer these people to here to make a post here so that teachers can take up students:

Orange  = They passed the application form, but failed the test and the tester thinks that they do not need a teacher. They can request a test again in three weeks if the tester allows them.

White = Their join request hasn't been seen by a recruiter yet.

Blue = They now have a teacher.

Brown = They have passed the test.
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