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venom1991's join application - Accepted Krusty

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venom1991's join application - Accepted Krusty

Post by venom1991 on Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:10 am

Dueling Network Name: venom1991

Favourite Deck:
- cyber core

Competitive Decks:
- yubel the devil.
- heraldic beast
- chronomaly

Reason(s) you want to join:
- good friend is leader of the guild.

- dueling.
- free running.
- dish washing
- sleeping

- people
- immortality

Can you side appropriately:
- yep

Previous Experience(s):
- fairy tail guild

Will you be loyal?
- give me targets to beat and i am yours...

Are you a capable duelist?
- more than capable...I AM IMMORTAL!!!! *lighting cracks the sky*

Can you perform well in wars?
- i am an assassin, an assassin never faces towards a sword but rather strikes from the back

What other specialities do you have? - I.e. - Can you work well on a forum, test etc.
- communication
- getting targets done (assassination  requests)

Skype Name (Optional):
- bioblaze1991

Can you work well under pressure?
- hai

Please copy the request into a new thread located in "Requests" and fill it out and post.

You will be notified on whether you have made it through to the testing section by a recruiter once they have examined your request.

Please be patient while waiting on your result.

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Re: venom1991's join application - Accepted Krusty

Post by Krusty on Sun Jan 19, 2014 2:03 pm

We have acknowledged your application form and believe that you will be a great asset to the team. To help with our decision we are going to allow you onto the testing stages of the recruitment process.

Please wait patiently on a tester messaging you on the forum and/or on Dueling Network.

Ps: You were only accepted for answering a question in Japenese <----- weeaboo here (jk glad to have you)
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