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What Are Homeworks?

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What Are Homeworks?

Post by Happy The Cat on Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:24 am

Homework is another method of earning Duel Points on the Forum. Completion of a homework will result in you gaining more Points, which you can then spend on several different things.

Each assigned homework will differ between Dorms depending on what the Dorm Leader(s) assigns you. A homework can be anything from designing decks to completing a task involving another Team. They can be handed out at most once a week to at least once a month, again, it depends on the Dorm Leader.

Those that fail to complete the assigned homework will not gain or lose any Points as it is optional and just another method of earning Points. Only Dorm Leaders can only hand out a homework to their Dorm and no other Dorm. Non-Dorm Leaders cannot assign a homework to anyone.

A homework will be handed out in this format:

Homework Title: [Insert Dorm Name Here] Homework [Insert Number Here]: [Insert Title Here]
Homework Starting Date:
Homework Due Date:
Assigned Dorm:
Requirements: [This means that the homework may only apply to certain Ranks within that Dorm]
Homework Task:

Points Awarded If Successfully Completed:
Extra Bonus If Completed First:


Points and Homework:

The amount of points that you will gain from a homework will be different depending on how much the Dorm Leader thinks that the homework is worth. Extra Points is available to those that hand in a homework before everyone else.

For Instance:

Homework completed by deadline: +5 Duel Points
First Person to complete homework: +2 Duel Points

The results of the homework will be posted a day after the due date (who passed and failed).
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