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How To Create A Guild!

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How To Create A Guild!

Post by Happy The Cat on Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:09 pm

Setting Up A Guild:
In order to successfully create a Guild within the Team, you will need to have 15 Military Credits. This payment of 15 Military Credits are to ensure that not everyone can create a Guild as it will become too crowded.

When you create your Guild you will be given a Guild Hall with a maximum size of 5 Members.  This is also the minimum amount of Members that you are able to have (5).
You will also be given 275,000 Gold in order to start your glorious adventures.  With this you will have to recruit your Guild Members.

A player is originally worth what they scored on their Initial Test Score x1,000.

Example: Player A scored 74/90 on their Initial Test.
Value = 74 x 1000 = 74,000 Gold

A Player's worth can go up over time if they have improved, but can never decrease, over the time period while being in their Guild.

Guild Halls:

A Guild Hall is the size of your Guild (amount of Members). The original amount of Members that your Guild can have is 5 and the amount needed to participate in Events is 5 Members (no lower).

You must purchase an upgrade to your Guild Hall in order to fit more Members. (Guild Shop Topic for more information)


Each Guild will be assigned to an League, consisting of eight different Guilds, in which they will participate weekly in a best of 5 Matches.

Each victory is worth 500 Gold.

Win Streaks lead to more Gold:
2 Win Streak = 1,000
3 Win Streak = 2,000
4 Win Streak = 3,000
5 Win Streak = 4,000
6 Win Steak = 5,000
7 Win Streak = 10,000
8 Win Streak = 15,000

For winning the League, your Guild will receive 20,000 Gold.

Next the top 4 Guilds from all Leagues will be put into an Elite bracket, from which a Guild will become victorious!

Guild 1 VS. Guild 4
Guild 2 VS. Guild 3

The first round of the Elite Bracket will be worth 10,000 Gold

The winning Guild will then receive 50,000 Gold and each participants will increase the Skill by 3.

Leader Of Guild: [Insert Your Name Here]
Current Duel Points: [Insert Your Duel Points Here]
Name of Guild: [Insert Guild Name Here]
1. [Insert Leader Name] (Test Score)
2. [Insert Member Name] (Test Score)
3. [Insert Member Name] (Test Score)
4. [Insert Member Name] (Test Score)
5. [Insert Member Name] (Test Score)
Guild Emblem (Optional):
Current Cost Of Your Guild:
The leader does not count towards the total cost of your Guild.
Have you fully read and understand the Guild post? [Insert Answer Here]


Leader Of Guild: Happy The Kitty Cat
Current Duel Points: 25
Name of Guild: Tea Party
Players (Not Real Scores)
1. Happy : 86/90 - Leader's Score Does Not Count
2. Krusty : 76/90 - 76,000 Gold Value
3. Aries : 64/90 - 64,000 Gold Value
4. Shiro : 71/90 - 71,000 Gold Value
5. Xio : 64/90 - 64,000 Gold Value
Guild Emblem (Optional):
Current Cost Of Your Guild: 274,000 Gold
Have you fully read and understand the Guild post? Yes

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