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(fairy Tail) hungry application - Failed, Happy.

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(fairy Tail) hungry application - Failed, Happy.

Post by supermayank5 on Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:11 am

Dueling Network Name:(fairy Tail) hungry

Favourite Deck:
Competitive Decks:
- lightswarn
- fire fist
- bujin
- gravekeepers
- photon

Reason(s) you want to join:
- because fairy tail seems dead since happy left
- because happy was a good person
- want to see how different clan are like  
- people from my clan have joined this clan and we were pretty close

- good personality
- a descent duelist
- motivational
- eating
- never gives up

- spelling
- grammar
- otk decks
- saving cards

Can you side appropriately:
- most likely( just got into habit lately)

Previous Experience(s):
- (Fairy Tail)

Will you be loyal?
- defiantly  

Are you a capable duelist?

Can you perform well in wars?
- never been i one do i do knot know

What other specialities do you have? - I.e. - Can you work well on a forum, test etc.
- test
- answer questions to the best of my ability

Skype Name (Optional):
- supermayank5

Can you work well under pressure?
- usually


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Re: (fairy Tail) hungry application - Failed, Happy.

Post by Happy The Cat on Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:26 am

We have reviewed your application form to join Attack on Horizon, although we believe that you have potential, but at the current moment you are not good enough. We watched you duel a random person who was using Dark Worlds and these are our reasons as to why you failed to pass:


Your deck seemed inconsistent (47/48 cards).
You misplayed quite a bit.
You didn't have control of the match and allowed the opponent to make vital plays.

You did not pass onto the testing stage. We believe that you can apply to join the team in a few weeks time after you have improved (at least 3 weeks).

Topic locked.
Happy The Cat

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