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Guild League + Elite Bracket

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Guild League + Elite Bracket

Post by Happy The Cat on Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:42 pm

A Guild League consists of eight different Guilds and lasts for approximately eight weeks. Each Guild has to play the same amount of fixtures as every other Guild, unless they are in a Tournament/Event competing with other Guilds.

Guild League games are to be played weekly and will be a match (best 2 out of 3 for each Member) between the starting five Members of two Guilds. The winner of the Guild League game will gain three points and the loser will gain no points.

Guild League Win : 3 Points

Guild League Loss : 0 Points

Guild League Draw : 1 Point

In the case of the Guild League Season ending in a tie between two or more Guilds, the winner will be decided on who has won the most individual games (win to loss ratio). If two Guilds (or more) happen to have the same individual wins at the end of the Season, then it will be decided in a best two out of three duel between the Leaders of each of the Guilds.

Guild League Example :

Rewards :

Winning the League : 50,000 Gold

Guild League Win : 500 Gold

Guild League Loss : 0 Gold

Guild League Draw : 200 Gold

Win Streak :

2 Games : 1,000 Gold

3 Games : 2,000 Gold

4 Games : 3,000 Gold

5 Games : 4,000 Gold

6 Games : 5,000 Gold

7 Games : 10,000 Gold

8 Games : 15,000 Gold

The Elite Bracket will consist of the top two teams across all League Brackets in a One-Round Elimination.

Winning the Elite Bracket : +1 Random Archetype

Winning a Round : 2,500 Gold

Losing a  Round : 0 Gold
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