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Survival Handbook - V1

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Survival Handbook - V1

Post by Happy The Cat on Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:32 am

Greetings there travelers, we are Attack on Horizon, an elite group comprised of those deemed talented enough to lead a Revolution. The fact that you have stumbled upon us means that you are ready to join the Revolution to fight back against the Titans, Goblins, Mythical Creatures, and other strange Entities. Since the world you used to know is now crumbling before us, you will each be given your very own Survival Handbook, please keep in mind that these handbooks are filled with the latest information and are vital to your survival, hence their name. Read the information... Live by the information... And you will survive, simple...

Step I : The Introduction

The first step to your survival in this harsh world is to create a Forum account and then proceed to fill out and issue your own Join Application Form. Think of the Forum account as an identity card, it will have all of your information on it, we will also use it to identify your value and what roles you will have within the Revolution. Please note that each applicant is only allowed one Join Application Form. These application forms will determine whether we will allow you to fight in this world and take the test to become a full fledged member and rebel against the fierce Titans. The results of these tests will be posted on the Forum, so please be patient. While you are waiting on your result, you should carefully read the Attack on Horizon rules so that you can avoid breaking them.

Join Request Application:

Step II : The Test

This test will measure how strong you currently are and will tell us whether you are good enough and ready to fight back against the Titans and the other strong Teams surrounding us! Once you have completed the test, you will be given a score and a value, this value will tell others how much you cost for them to purchase you into their Guild, assuming that you pass of course. You will also be assigned to a mighty Dorm from three, they are known as:

The Survey Corps

The Stationary Guard

And the Military Police.

Don't worry, all Dorms are on the same level, but are used for certain events such as Dorm Wars.

Test Rubric:
Ranking System:

Step III : Introducing Yourself

Now that you have an account on the Forum and have passed the test, it's time to introduce yourself to the other members of the team. To ensure the safety of others you should post your introduction in the "Introductions and Farewells" section of the Forum as its located inside the Walls and no Titans are around to eat you!

In this post you should detail your Dueling Network name so that people can contact you there, your score/value, and anything else!


Step IV : Military Credits

Military Credits are the rewards that you receive by completing various tasks and assignments. Military Credits enable you to purchase many different things from the Market, such as a Rank - Up test, or even the ability to start up your own well renowned Guild! Military Credits are vital to your survival within Attack on Horizon.

Military Credits:

Step V : The Chat

Since there are Titans everywhere, it makes it very hard for us to communicate with each other without an interference. Due to this problem we have placed a Chat Box onto our Forum. This Chat Box will allow you to talk to the other members of the team, but please read the rules before making an account.

Step VI : Joining or Starting Up A Guild

To ensure maximum safety outside of the Walls, we highly recommend that once you have enough Military Credits (15), you should consider starting up your very own Guild and begin to travel around in packs! A Guild consists of a leader, and four other members, from which they can then participate in a variety of different competitions and challenges that will ultimately strengthen your Guild as a whole!
Please read the Guild topic before creating a Guild.

Step VII: Becoming A Member of Staff

Now that you have done most of the above, you can apply to become a member of staff. Members of staff have specific roles within the Team and are vital to our success in fending off against the infamous Titans and leading our Revolution.

Moderator : They have the job of ensuring that the Forum runs smoothly and that if a problems arises, they will fix it. Moderators also have the role of placing members in their correct Dorms and colour coding them accordingly.

Tester : They have the role of simply testing people to see if they are good enough to join Attack on Horizon. Testers will also have access to a broken down rubric that only them, Moderators and Admins have access to. This broken down rubric will inform them on how to effectively grade the applicant. They will know who needs to be tested once someone has successfully completed the Join Request Application and have been accepted.

GFX Designer : They have the role of producing beautiful graphics for Members of the Team and for the Forum itself.

Teacher : They have the role of teaching members that didn't quite pass the test and scored considerably lower than those that did. This will do this until they have reached a stage in which they believe that their applicant is ready to fight for the Revolution on their own.

Tournament Moderator : They have the role of creating, managing and moderating official tournaments.

Recruiter : They have the role of recruiting members to the Team. Recruiters will have access to the Join Request Forms and will post the results onto the Forum.

Judge : They have the role of being a Judge within the Team, not in the sense that they can kick people out or judge their fate, but rather just a ruling Judge for tournaments and events.

Staff Application Form:

Step VIII : The Warning System

Below is the Warning System for the Team.

No Warning :

One Warning :

Two Warnings :

Three Warnings :

Four Warnings :

Banned :

In the case of something serious, a Member can instantly be banned.
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