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Military Credits

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Military Credits

Post by Happy The Cat on Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:47 am

Military Credits are the virtual currency on the Attack on Horizon Forum. They can be used to buy many different things and are used for Ranking Up as well. You can find out how much Military Credits you have by looking below one of your posts and/or on your profile on the Forum, here you can also find your value if you wanted to Join a Guild. Listed below are the methods in which you can earn Military Credits.

Inviting a Friend (They have to refer you in their Join Application) : +1 Military Credit
+ If they successfully become a Member of the Team : +2 Military Credits

Complete a Homework assigned by your Dorm Leaders - Specified in Homework Assignment

Win an Event/Tournament : They specify how much you win

Answering Judge Calls : +1 Military credit (Only for Official Team Tournaments, and Guild Battles)

Completing a Test and Posting the Results on the Forum - +1 Military Credit (Only available to Testers)

War Team Victory : +1 Military Credit
+ Winning a War while in the War Team : +4 Military Credits

Winning Guild League : +5 Military Credits to all active Members of the Guild
+ Winning Elite Bracket : +10 Military Credits to all active Members of the Guild

Posting : Military Credits will vary depending on where you post.
(If you spam or have a "Conversation" in a topic you may lose Military Credits.
Happy The Cat
Happy The Cat

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Value : 85,000 Gold

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