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Homework Number 1

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Homework Number 1

Post by [AoH] Totoro on Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:46 pm

Homework Title: Military Police Homework #1 Building Consistant Heroic Challenger, E-HERO fusion style
Homework Starting Date: 1/29/14
Homework Due Date: 1/31/14
Assigned Dorm: Military Police
Requirements: Must be a member of Military Police
Homework Task: Build a consistant Heroic Challenger, E-HERO Fusion style deck.

Points Awarded If Successfully Completed: 3
Extra Bonus If Completed First: 2

Please post the results of your homework below this post as a reply. The Military Credits will be updated when the homework is over.
[AoH] Totoro

Military Credits : 13

Value : 68,000 Gold

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