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!!!!!!!!!!KO join application - Accepted Krusty

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!!!!!!!!!!KO join application - Accepted Krusty

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:58 am

Dueling Network Name:
Favourite Deck:
Anything that has many different cards and not the same combo

Competitive Decks:
- Bujins
- Madolches
- Exodian Quasar
- Gravekeepers
- D.D Dinos

Reason(s) you want to join:
- Need a new clan
- know a lot of people here
- It's a growing clan
- Looks organized

- Plays in getting game quickly
- Played with a lot of decks before
- Know what to do in situations
- Friendly (I guess?)
- Bluffing

- Bad Matchups
- DN draws
- Creativity
- Making a deck with no background knowledge
- No Skype  Rolling Eyes 

Can you side appropriately:
- Yes

Previous Experience(s):
- (Fairy Tail)

Will you be loyal?
- Yes

Are you a capable duelist?
- I guess Yes

Can you perform well in wars?
- YEAH  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil 

What other specialities do you have? - I.e. - Can you work well on a forum, test etc.
- Math
- Friendly
- Random Facts
- Organized
- Responsible
- Never Ever Give Up Until The End.
- I think I can evaluate people based on a rubric
(I don't know about working on forums though...)

Skype Name (Optional):
-  Evil or Very Mad 

Can you work well under pressure?
- Yes



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Re: !!!!!!!!!!KO join application - Accepted Krusty

Post by Krusty on Sun Jan 19, 2014 2:12 pm

We have acknowledged your application form and believe that you will be a great asset to the team. To help with our decision we are going to allow you onto the testing stages of the recruitment process.

Please wait patiently on a tester messaging you on the forum and/or on Dueling Network.


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