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Top Ten Challenge

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Top Ten Challenge

Post by Darton on Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:01 pm

This was an idea used at my other academy, Heavens Duel Academy, and it worked really well.

The basic idea is that ten people are selected as the top ten (by Happy) based on activity, dueling skills, etc. During the next month or so, people can duel the next highest ranked person and if the higher ranked person loses, they rank down and the challenger will replace them. Below are some of the basic rules:

you must use the format that is used currently. no exodia, burn, countdown, etc
all duels are to be 2/3
there must be some kind of bet in place and both must agree too bet ( this is to keep this a bit interesting, 50-100 points is good enough)
there can be no 10 vs 1 duels. only 10 vs 9 4 vs 5 and so on
if the person lower ranked loses, they CANNOT challenge that person for their spot till the next week (Sunday to Sunday will be the weeks)
if you are not on the list, you may challenge the #10 person for their spot
You may not decline a challenge to anybody, and if you do, you have a week to accept that challenge. Any longer will result in an auto-loss.

The top 3 people remaining at the end of the tournament will be crowned as the champions. They will gain points based on their rank in the academy. Obviously the top person will gain the most, second will gain second most, and third will gain third most.

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